S2E44: Outta the Sin-Bin! (Catholic+Hockey)

Sudden death, penalty kill, slap shot, and sin-bin are just a few words that a shine a light to the seriousness and brutality of hockey, but can the sport be reconciled with Catholicism? Alexander Kirby is the founder of The Holy City Collective, head coach of the Thunder Birds, and a devout Catholic out of Charleston South Carolina, and he’s here to tell us what it’s like on his side of the rink. We also talk about the similarities between Catholicism and hockey, the need for more masculine activities for Catholic men, and how hockey keeps Alex in check. We all make mistakes, but our goal is to get outta the sin-bin and be a better man! Suit up, this isn’t the Mighty Ducks!

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The title of the article referenced was

“Giving the best of yourself: a Document on the Christian perspective on sport and the human
person, from the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life (can be searched up on the Vatican Library)

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