S2E38: Chosen Sojourners

For this episode, I had the opportunity to talk to Patrick Rivera about his ministry experience as the Director for the Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of San Diego. We also discussed stewardship meanwhile diving into St Peter’s First letter, specifically chapter 4, to observe how Peter ministered to the persecuted christians of his time. Lastly, I asked Patrick specific questions about what struggles young adults have faced, are facing now, and how his role as a steward applies to his ministry as we open up. Lent may be over, but our pursuit towards a deeper interior life continues; tune in to hear Patrick’s testimony!

S2E17: Shipwreck!

In this episode I am diving into the challenge of being led astray by shepherds that are supposed to lead the flock, but don’t. The fact of the matter is that all human beings are fallible; regardless wether they are nuns, deacons, priests, prophets (in the good old days), and even Popes. This episode is about being on the “ship of life” and finding a way to survive a shipwreck wether the captain is there to help or not.

S2E14: Angels in all Angles!

This episode is all about angels! I explain the nature and abilities of angels in the first segment. In the Second segment, I talk about the three Archangels that make an appearance in the bible. Lastly, I talk about some of my worries related to fallen angelic intervention. The good news is, there are angels in every angle and they’ve got us covered!

Episode 13: Scandals of Mercy

This week’s show was born out of a desire to respond to the latest scandal that occurred recently in the Imperial Valley. From Fox News to the Washington Post, everyone heard about what Imperial Valley Ministries did to the homeless in our community. I felt what we needed was to listen to advice from someone who actually helps the poorest of the poor. This week we had the pleasure of hosting Deacon Marcos Lopez! Join us as we discussed some Imperial Valley history, the Corporal Works of Mercy, and his organization The Lay Brother of the Poor.