S3E3: Imagine That…

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This episode was greatly inspired by Bishop Barron’s criticism of the Tokyo Olympics choice for an opening song. It got me thinking about my own musical convictions and how they are relevant in our day to day lives. You’ve heard it said, “You are what you eat.” Does it also apply to what we listen to? Do lyrics have a part in shaping our cynicism or outlook on life? Lastly, I end with an intense reflection of St. Gertrude’s experience with seeing the Sacred Arm of Christ wounded!

S2E36: Wear His Heart on Your Sleeve (With Rocio Robles Collado)

Sacred Heart of Jesus Month is still in full effect! The first third of the show is dedicated to the promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and that sets the stage for an interview that I conducted with Rocio Robles Collado from the Brawley and Westmorland Catholic Communities. She shares her experiences with the devotion to the Sacred Heart, her vocation as Catechist, and her work as part of the St. Margaret Mary Feast Team. She says that the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is really a way of life: tune in to hear how!

S2E45: Sacred Heart Month June 2021

During my recent studies of St. Margaret Mary, St. Mary of Agreda, and St. John of the Cross, I noticed that they all have a spiritually spousal relationship with our Lord. With that in mind, I asked my wife Jaquelin Martinez, to join me in talking about the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and how it can be celebrated with food. We also prayed an adapted Sacred Heart Chaplet, composed my yours truly, to contemplate the mysteries of the Sacred Heart. Lastly, I explain how I went about writing the song Oh, Sacred Heart from inspired by psalm 86. Oh Heart of God, come make mine like Yours!

S2E29: Spiritual Pride

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It’s time we talked about the silent killer: Spiritual Pride. It is a dangerous perspective to have when trying to live the life of a Christian! Beware and take direction from the book of Matthew! Leader of the Imperial Valley Young Adult Ministry, Brianah Wong, and I talk about what Spiritual Pride is, what the Lord has to say about it, and how to avoid it! The scary thing is…you may not even know you have it. Tune in to find the remedy for it!

S2E24: Night(mares) Before Christmas

Inspired by the waking moments after a nightmare, for this show, I wanted to dive into the darkness that preceded the light that was given on Christmas day! With that said, I talked about and analyzed St. John of the Cross’ poem: Dark Night of the Soul. I also talked about a refection on the O Antiphons by Fr. Allan White. Lastly, I reflect on the Jesus’ birth in our hearts; what will he find when he is placed in the manger of our heart?

S2E23: Mextizos!

Patroness of the Americas, pray for us! This episode is dedicated to the event of the Apparition of the Virgen de Guadalupe! I talk about St. John of the Cross’ warning about apparitions, a brief history of the Aztec’s conquering, and how this event was both an inheritance and rebuke from our ancestors!

S2E15: Tied to the Trigger (emotions)

In this show we talk about the ever faithful, inexhaustible, and easily triggered friend: emotions. We cover the 4 Loves, King David’s Sin, and cancel culture and analyze these topics using the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Remember, you are the captain of your own ship. Don’t let your emotions set you up for ship wreck!

S2E9:Big Red (Communism and the other -isms)

In this episode, Francisco and I talk about Communism’s foundation. We focus the events and effects of Mao and his movement, Maoism. Lastly, we make commentary on the reality of young adults’ attraction to communism and socialism in the United States. Tune in if your curious to learn about the ‘go Red, or go dead’ mentality.

S2E7: Cross My Heart (and Hope to Die)

Don’t make a promise you can’t keep! This show is all about promises. I dive into the age old saying “cross my heart”, read some important excerpts from the Autobiography of St. Margaret Mary, and the Apostle’s Creed. Trust me, you going to want to tune into this one; I promise!

S2E5: Natural Law

In this episode, Frank and I discuss the idea of Natural Law. Natural Law is a lens in which we can use reasoning to understand that morality doesn’t only come from tablets given to Moses at Mount Sinai. We, humans, have a law written within our very hearts that separates us from animals and screams at us when we know something is not right. Tune in to find out what it’s all about.