S2E25: Off White Christmas

This show is all about focusing on the true Christmas. We know the meaning of Christmas, but perhaps this year we felt what the actual Christmas was like. Just as Mary and Joseph spent it away from their family and the comfort of their usual rituals, traditions, and experiences, we too felt separated from our families and were not able to celebrate Christmas how we did just last year. BUT FRET NOT, the Lord has a plan and I guarantee it’s better than any plan we can make up ourselves.

S2E24: Night(mares) Before Christmas

Inspired by the waking moments after a nightmare, for this show, I wanted to dive into the darkness that preceded the light that was given on Christmas day! With that said, I talked about and analyzed St. John of the Cross’ poem: Dark Night of the Soul. I also talked about a refection on the O Antiphons by Fr. Allan White. Lastly, I reflect on the Jesus’ birth in our hearts; what will he find when he is placed in the manger of our heart?

Episode 24: Keep Your O’s

This episode concludes the ‘Advent’ saga for this season! Christmas is upon us and hopefully our hearts are ready. This episode covers what the O Antiphons are, John the Baptist, and The EMBRACE event that occurred at St. Mary’s Saturday Dec. 21st!