S3E4: Heart on His Sleeve

Upon reading The Life of Christ, by Venerable Fulton J. Sheen, I felt inspired to share what I had learned. Although, it would be difficult to articulate, or even summarize, the genius that is Fulton Sheen, so I decided to read a dramatic chapter from the book. With the great clash of symbols and power, today’s media and marketing seems to allow much more demonic content to pass through the filters. Enter: Converse’s DRK SHDW pentagram-clad shoes. Is throwing them out enough spiritual indignation?

S3E1: Brains, Pains, and Gains

photo of head bust print artwork
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Welcome to Season 3 of the Sacred Heart Narratives Show! I decided to focus on the brain and how it processes emotional and physical pain; you may be surprised by what you learn! Then, I go over the 6 Lies the Devil would like for you to believe in order to separate you, body, mind, and spirit, from God. Last, I talk about some interesting revelations that St. Gertrude experienced with the Sacred Heart of Jesus! You won’t want to miss this one, because if you’ve got brains, you’ll have pains, but they’ll bring you gains!





Love, Peace, and Joy by Fr. Andre Prevot Tan Books

S2E43: Momma Bears (Jeanette and Luz)

crop black baby sitting in walker
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I decided to end the month of May with two ladies that are veterans in the realm of motherhood. I ask Jeanette and Luz to talk about their experiences raising kids and what it feels like to be a mom. I also asked them questions based on the Joyous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. Tune in, it’s a MOM-umental show!

S2E39: Act Right During Easter

As Easter progresses, I feel like we need more clarity on how to better grow during this Holy Season! The contrast between Lent and Easter is so great, I wanted to discover aspects of Easter that make it stand out of the Liturgical Calendar. With that said, I called upon Fr. Edward Horning, from Brawley Catholic, to answer three questions regarding a deepening of faith throughout this Easter. I also highlight some comparisons between King Solomon’s wisdom and kingdom to that of our Blessed Lord!

S2E25: Off White Christmas

This show is all about focusing on the true Christmas. We know the meaning of Christmas, but perhaps this year we felt what the actual Christmas was like. Just as Mary and Joseph spent it away from their family and the comfort of their usual rituals, traditions, and experiences, we too felt separated from our families and were not able to celebrate Christmas how we did just last year. BUT FRET NOT, the Lord has a plan and I guarantee it’s better than any plan we can make up ourselves.

S2E24: Night(mares) Before Christmas

Inspired by the waking moments after a nightmare, for this show, I wanted to dive into the darkness that preceded the light that was given on Christmas day! With that said, I talked about and analyzed St. John of the Cross’ poem: Dark Night of the Soul. I also talked about a refection on the O Antiphons by Fr. Allan White. Lastly, I reflect on the Jesus’ birth in our hearts; what will he find when he is placed in the manger of our heart?

S2E23: Mextizos!

Patroness of the Americas, pray for us! This episode is dedicated to the event of the Apparition of the Virgen de Guadalupe! I talk about St. John of the Cross’ warning about apparitions, a brief history of the Aztec’s conquering, and how this event was both an inheritance and rebuke from our ancestors!

S2E19: Hero(ism is) Complex

The Hero Complex, also known as Hero Syndrome, is the need to be the savior of a certain situation. Many of us, including myself, would love to swoop in and save the day! The reality is, we often need help; and not from the Justice League, X-Men, or Teen Titans! We need the Lord, His sanctifying Grace through sacraments, and his beloved beatified saints to truly attain Heroic Virtue! Zoom, zap, pow!