S3E3: Imagine That…

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This episode was greatly inspired by Bishop Barron’s criticism of the Tokyo Olympics choice for an opening song. It got me thinking about my own musical convictions and how they are relevant in our day to day lives. You’ve heard it said, “You are what you eat.” Does it also apply to what we listen to? Do lyrics have a part in shaping our cynicism or outlook on life? Lastly, I end with an intense reflection of St. Gertrude’s experience with seeing the Sacred Arm of Christ wounded!

S3E1: Brains, Pains, and Gains

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Welcome to Season 3 of the Sacred Heart Narratives Show! I decided to focus on the brain and how it processes emotional and physical pain; you may be surprised by what you learn! Then, I go over the 6 Lies the Devil would like for you to believe in order to separate you, body, mind, and spirit, from God. Last, I talk about some interesting revelations that St. Gertrude experienced with the Sacred Heart of Jesus! You won’t want to miss this one, because if you’ve got brains, you’ll have pains, but they’ll bring you gains!





Love, Peace, and Joy by Fr. Andre Prevot Tan Books

S2E44: Outta the Sin-Bin! (Catholic+Hockey)

Sudden death, penalty kill, slap shot, and sin-bin are just a few words that a shine a light to the seriousness and brutality of hockey, but can the sport be reconciled with Catholicism? Alexander Kirby is the founder of The Holy City Collective, head coach of the Thunder Birds, and a devout Catholic out of Charleston South Carolina, and he’s here to tell us what it’s like on his side of the rink. We also talk about the similarities between Catholicism and hockey, the need for more masculine activities for Catholic men, and how hockey keeps Alex in check. We all make mistakes, but our goal is to get outta the sin-bin and be a better man! Suit up, this isn’t the Mighty Ducks!

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The title of the article referenced was

“Giving the best of yourself: a Document on the Christian perspective on sport and the human
person, from the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life (can be searched up on the Vatican Library)

S2E9:Big Red (Communism and the other -isms)

In this episode, Francisco and I talk about Communism’s foundation. We focus the events and effects of Mao and his movement, Maoism. Lastly, we make commentary on the reality of young adults’ attraction to communism and socialism in the United States. Tune in if your curious to learn about the ‘go Red, or go dead’ mentality.

S2E7: Cross My Heart (and Hope to Die)

Don’t make a promise you can’t keep! This show is all about promises. I dive into the age old saying “cross my heart”, read some important excerpts from the Autobiography of St. Margaret Mary, and the Apostle’s Creed. Trust me, you going to want to tune into this one; I promise!

S2E1: Sacred Heart of Jesus

This episode is another love letter to my favorite devotion, the Sacred Heart of Jesus! I reexamine some of the ideas I introduced on the first radio show I ever published last year. With that being said, this episode is like an anniversary and will kick off the second season of the Sacred Heart Narratives Show!

Episode 19: Defend Us In Battle

“St. Michael” an original piece of art I created….

God bless our veterans! This show dedicated to this weekend’s celebration! We talk about Catholic history in regards to war and justice! We also sprinkle facts about saints that were both cowardly and heroic soldiers. Tune in and pray for our veterans and their families!

Episode 16: 40 Days for Life

This episode was recorded on location at the Planned Parenthood off of 4th Street in El Centro! The topic of discussion, praying to end abortion via the 40 Days for Life campaign. It was an interesting experience, one I will not soon forget. The ladies I interviewed, Myriam Fletes and Arlene Serrano Ramirez, are PRAYER WARRIORS and they’re looking for more to join the cause! Listen to what they have to say! PRAY TO END ABORTION!

Episode 13: Scandals of Mercy

This week’s show was born out of a desire to respond to the latest scandal that occurred recently in the Imperial Valley. From Fox News to the Washington Post, everyone heard about what Imperial Valley Ministries did to the homeless in our community. I felt what we needed was to listen to advice from someone who actually helps the poorest of the poor. This week we had the pleasure of hosting Deacon Marcos Lopez! Join us as we discussed some Imperial Valley history, the Corporal Works of Mercy, and his organization The Lay Brother of the Poor.