S2E1: Sacred Heart of Jesus

This episode is another love letter to my favorite devotion, the Sacred Heart of Jesus! I reexamine some of the ideas I introduced on the first radio show I ever published last year. With that being said, this episode is like an anniversary and will kick off the second season of the Sacred Heart Narratives Show!

Episode 24: Keep Your O’s

This episode concludes the ‘Advent’ saga for this season! Christmas is upon us and hopefully our hearts are ready. This episode covers what the O Antiphons are, John the Baptist, and The EMBRACE event that occurred at St. Mary’s Saturday Dec. 21st!

Episode 22: Advent And Apocalypse!

Happy NEW YEAR (CHURCHWISE anyway :P) This episode is all about the physical changes/aspects that the church manifests. The color purple, changes to music, liturgical readings and such. We also discuss the real meaning of the word “Apocalypse” and what it means during the Advent season!