S2E14: Angels in all Angles!

This episode is all about angels! I explain the nature and abilities of angels in the first segment. In the Second segment, I talk about the three Archangels that make an appearance in the bible. Lastly, I talk about some of my worries related to fallen angelic intervention. The good news is, there are angels in every angle and they’ve got us covered!

Episode 5: The Skeletons in Our Closet (Relics)

If your squeamish, then definitely stay away from this week’s show because we talked about relics! You know, those skeletons, skulls, bones, and even flesh that the Catholic Church venerates! We also shared some insight as to personal experiences that Fransisco and Moises have had with relics! Last but not least we dispelled the main superstition behind relics; tune in to check it out!

Articles Referenced

Catholic Answers Relic Article

Article about how Amulets were “baptized”

Episode 2: What’s Your Position On the Composition?

Today’s episode started with a controversial Facebook post made by Mr. Davide Haas. I decided to take this opportunity to explain exactly what music is all about in regards to the liturgy. Join Mr. Cabrera and I as we discuss some early church music history, define the differences between Sacred, Praise and Worship, and Liturgical music, and commentate on Catholics that post their support of PRIDE Month on Social Media.

Here are some links to sources mentioned in the show!

Article About David Haas song