S3E5: Encounter With Christ, but how? With Jeanette Montano!

Big changes are happing around the world with new initiatives and directives from Pope Francis! Even so, some of those changes have already been set in motion in the Diocese of San Diego, under the direction of Bishop McElroy. The initiative will revolve around the theme of encountering Jesus. With that said, I thought I would interview Jeanette about different ways we can encounter God on a practical and personal level, right now. We cover three distinct ways: pilgrimages, retreats, and…. you’ll see.

S3E4: Heart on His Sleeve

Upon reading The Life of Christ, by Venerable Fulton J. Sheen, I felt inspired to share what I had learned. Although, it would be difficult to articulate, or even summarize, the genius that is Fulton Sheen, so I decided to read a dramatic chapter from the book. With the great clash of symbols and power, today’s media and marketing seems to allow much more demonic content to pass through the filters. Enter: Converse’s DRK SHDW pentagram-clad shoes. Is throwing them out enough spiritual indignation?

S3E3: Imagine That…

down angle photography of red clouds and blue sky
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This episode was greatly inspired by Bishop Barron’s criticism of the Tokyo Olympics choice for an opening song. It got me thinking about my own musical convictions and how they are relevant in our day to day lives. You’ve heard it said, “You are what you eat.” Does it also apply to what we listen to? Do lyrics have a part in shaping our cynicism or outlook on life? Lastly, I end with an intense reflection of St. Gertrude’s experience with seeing the Sacred Arm of Christ wounded!

S2E33: M is for Masks

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I know what you’re thinking, but this show isn’t about masks related to COVID-19. Identity is something we all seek. The problem of finding it is so difficult; especially when everyone around us wears masks. Let’s be honest, even we wear masks. This episode is about unmasking ourselves and striving to be honest. After all, God see through anything, so don’t try to hide.

S2E15: Tied to the Trigger (emotions)

In this show we talk about the ever faithful, inexhaustible, and easily triggered friend: emotions. We cover the 4 Loves, King David’s Sin, and cancel culture and analyze these topics using the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Remember, you are the captain of your own ship. Don’t let your emotions set you up for ship wreck!

Episode 24: Keep Your O’s

This episode concludes the ‘Advent’ saga for this season! Christmas is upon us and hopefully our hearts are ready. This episode covers what the O Antiphons are, John the Baptist, and The EMBRACE event that occurred at St. Mary’s Saturday Dec. 21st!

Episode 22: Advent And Apocalypse!

Happy NEW YEAR (CHURCHWISE anyway :P) This episode is all about the physical changes/aspects that the church manifests. The color purple, changes to music, liturgical readings and such. We also discuss the real meaning of the word “Apocalypse” and what it means during the Advent season!