S2E18: Date Night with the Devil

In this episode, the devil is not only in the details, he’s reserved a table for two! This episode is my love letter to those that believe that Halloween is the “devil’s birthday” or a day dedicated to evil. Not only is that not true, but I decided to play along with this concept; to a degree… I don’t only want to talk about how the devil “reigns” on a night such as Halloween, but how we often court evil and flirt with sin and temptation. It’s time for a break up and it starts here! (Also, sorry about saying ETWN, it’s EWTN haha sorry :P)

S2E17: Shipwreck!

In this episode I am diving into the challenge of being led astray by shepherds that are supposed to lead the flock, but don’t. The fact of the matter is that all human beings are fallible; regardless wether they are nuns, deacons, priests, prophets (in the good old days), and even Popes. This episode is about being on the “ship of life” and finding a way to survive a shipwreck wether the captain is there to help or not.

S2E5: Natural Law

In this episode, Frank and I discuss the idea of Natural Law. Natural Law is a lens in which we can use reasoning to understand that morality doesn’t only come from tablets given to Moses at Mount Sinai. We, humans, have a law written within our very hearts that separates us from animals and screams at us when we know something is not right. Tune in to find out what it’s all about.

Episode 46: Theology Of the Body with Fr. Ed Horning

You’re in for a real treat! Tune in to listen to Fr. Edward Horning talk about what he talks about best, Theology of the Body! We discuss three important questions about this facet of Catholicism. What is Theology of the Body? What is the purpose of Theology of the Body? To whom does Theology of the Body apply? Also, stay after for Sacred Heart Overtime!!!!!!