S3E5: Encounter With Christ, but how? With Jeanette Montano!

Big changes are happing around the world with new initiatives and directives from Pope Francis! Even so, some of those changes have already been set in motion in the Diocese of San Diego, under the direction of Bishop McElroy. The initiative will revolve around the theme of encountering Jesus. With that said, I thought I would interview Jeanette about different ways we can encounter God on a practical and personal level, right now. We cover three distinct ways: pilgrimages, retreats, and…. you’ll see.

S3E4: Heart on His Sleeve

Upon reading The Life of Christ, by Venerable Fulton J. Sheen, I felt inspired to share what I had learned. Although, it would be difficult to articulate, or even summarize, the genius that is Fulton Sheen, so I decided to read a dramatic chapter from the book. With the great clash of symbols and power, today’s media and marketing seems to allow much more demonic content to pass through the filters. Enter: Converse’s DRK SHDW pentagram-clad shoes. Is throwing them out enough spiritual indignation?

S3E3: Imagine That…

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This episode was greatly inspired by Bishop Barron’s criticism of the Tokyo Olympics choice for an opening song. It got me thinking about my own musical convictions and how they are relevant in our day to day lives. You’ve heard it said, “You are what you eat.” Does it also apply to what we listen to? Do lyrics have a part in shaping our cynicism or outlook on life? Lastly, I end with an intense reflection of St. Gertrude’s experience with seeing the Sacred Arm of Christ wounded!

S3E1: Brains, Pains, and Gains

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Welcome to Season 3 of the Sacred Heart Narratives Show! I decided to focus on the brain and how it processes emotional and physical pain; you may be surprised by what you learn! Then, I go over the 6 Lies the Devil would like for you to believe in order to separate you, body, mind, and spirit, from God. Last, I talk about some interesting revelations that St. Gertrude experienced with the Sacred Heart of Jesus! You won’t want to miss this one, because if you’ve got brains, you’ll have pains, but they’ll bring you gains!





Love, Peace, and Joy by Fr. Andre Prevot Tan Books

S2E38: Chosen Sojourners

For this episode, I had the opportunity to talk to Patrick Rivera about his ministry experience as the Director for the Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of San Diego. We also discussed stewardship meanwhile diving into St Peter’s First letter, specifically chapter 4, to observe how Peter ministered to the persecuted christians of his time. Lastly, I asked Patrick specific questions about what struggles young adults have faced, are facing now, and how his role as a steward applies to his ministry as we open up. Lent may be over, but our pursuit towards a deeper interior life continues; tune in to hear Patrick’s testimony!

S2E35: The Sleeping Giant (St. Joseph)

They say you should never wake a sleeping bear, but what do we do if the bear wants to be heard?! Hear me out when I tell you that St. Joseph, the adopted father of Jesus, is calling for your attention. Devotion to him is a sleeping giant that will not be ignored and will go down in history! St. Joseph wants you to know that he is ready to intercede for you and even offers to be your spiritual father figure! Tune in to learn more about this until now hidden saint!

S2E30: Misery Loves Company

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For this show I wanted to discuss one of my favorite says, misery loves company. No matter how you understand it, misery is part of our nature and where there’s misery; someone is always close by. I discuss how I interpret it, how it shows up in the book of Job, and some practical, and somewhat psychological, ways of dealing with it.

S2E29: Spiritual Pride

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It’s time we talked about the silent killer: Spiritual Pride. It is a dangerous perspective to have when trying to live the life of a Christian! Beware and take direction from the book of Matthew! Leader of the Imperial Valley Young Adult Ministry, Brianah Wong, and I talk about what Spiritual Pride is, what the Lord has to say about it, and how to avoid it! The scary thing is…you may not even know you have it. Tune in to find the remedy for it!